Clerk Administers Oath of Office to Newly Elected Council

Meeting in regular session, Monday, January 7, 2019, the City Clerk administered oath of office to Mayor Murphy, Councilmember Shumway and Councilmember Walker.  City Council also:

  • Elected Councilmember Dittmar to serve as Mayor Protempore as required by City Charter provisions;
  • Reappointed Michael Morey, 700 Grand Avenue, Kenneth Turk, 506 Morgan Street, and Sharon Walker, 421 Wachtel Avenue, to the Parks and Recreation Commission all for two-year terms ending January 2021;
  • Conducted a public hearing and adopted Ordinance No. 766 amending the zoning district map to rezone 200 East Lake Street property to B-2 Central Business District; and
  • Adopted a resolution approving the purchase of two new rescue pumper fire trucks from Sutphen Corporation in the amount of $1,119,132.