Meeting in regular session, Monday, October 16, 2017 City Council:

  • Conducted a public hearing to receive comments concerning programs and services as proposed by the DMB for 2018 and recommended for financing by use of the special-assessment method at last year's formula;
  • Adopted a resolution that approved programs and services, established an assessment district and directed that an assessment roll be prepared for subsequent review by City Council;
  • Heard a presentation by the Director of Public Works concerning 2018 street projects;
  • Adopted Ordinance 758 creating Article XXXI H - Hospital Districts of the City of Petoskey Zoning Ordinance, Appendix A to the Code of Ordinances and amend the Zoning District Map as set forth in Ordinance 451 to rezone specific properties H-1 and H-2 Hospital;
  • Recessed to closed session, pursuant to Section 8(h) of the Michigan Open Meetings Act, to consider material exempt from disclosure; and
  • Conducted a second reading of a proposed ordinance that would amend Appendix A to the Petoskey Code of Ordinances, Zoning Ordinance.