On Monday April 19th the City of Petoskey released a report developed by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) concerning the delivery of public safety services within the City of Petoskey.  ICMA examined the operations of the Public Safety Department, and made specific recommendations about how the delivery of safety services to residents of Bay Harbor could be improved.

Specific recommendations included in the report include:

  1. A second public safety station should be constructed at Mason Road and US-31. The station should incorporate the existing footprint with the ability for future expansion
  2. Equipment should be deployed between the two stations to meet the staffing availability and call demand.
  3. A commercial inspection program and rental housing inspection program should be established to take advantage of other positive improvements in the city and safeguard property values.
  4. Staffing should be configured to deliver school services more effectively as well as to minimize the needs for overtime.
  5. The use of paid-on-call should be expanded to allow for sufficient resources to fight larger events as well as provide relief for shift duties.  The City should also explore opportunities to partner with state colleges. Students are often looking for experience for resumes and Petoskey is a desirable place to gain experience.
  6. Performance measures should be used and reported to ensure that the high level of service delivery continues and/or improves.
  7. Utilize Priority Medical Dispatch and work with the ambulance service to deploy using dynamic staffing models versus fixed base.
  8. Analyze response and deployment methodology to create an Integrated Risk Management Plan for the entire community, moving from a focus on property to a focus on people.

A complete copy of ICMA's report is available on the City of Petoskey's website.