In March of 2014 MDOT will begin repairs to the US-31/Mitchell Street Bridge over the Bear River.  These repairs, currently estimated to cost approximately $1 million will include full replacement of the concrete railings, sidewalk and concrete decking repairs, replacement of seal joints on the bridge deck, and seal coating.  MDOT anticipates major construction taking approximately 45 days, during which time a one-way detour will be established with southbound traffic re-routed onto Lake Street.  A second detour when the seal coating is applied to the bridge deck, after concrete on the bridge has cured, will last approximately one week.  There will be no change to the overall width of the bridge or sidewalks as part of this project. 

In addition, MDOT will be making repairs underneath the bridge where scaling concrete and water damage has occurred.  Brick pavers will be installed underneath the bridge deck to mitigate errosion and sediment that washes into the Bear River from storm water drains on the Mitchell Street bridge.