In the spring of 2014 MDOT will be making improvements to West Mitchell Street from the US-31/131 intersection to the West Mitchell Street bridge. These improvements will include access management improvements, repaving the highway from the US-131 intersection to Liberty Street, and repairs to the Mitchell Street bridge.

As part of these improvements MDOT will be re-aligning the Connable intersection at the highway to permit left hand turns into and out of the hospital at a signalized intersection, a new traffic signal will be installed at Ingalls and West Mitchell Street, and center medians will be constructed in the highway between Jackson Street and Ingalls Avenue that will define where left hand turns can occur.

 In addition, beginning in March of 2014 MDOT will be making concrete and deck repairs to the Mitchell Street bridge, including the total replacement of railings on the bridge.


All work within the West Mitchell Street corridor is anticipated to be complete by July 1, 2014.

Additional information about the West Mitchell Street improvements can be found here: West Mitchell Street Project FAQ