Petoskey encompasses a jurisdictional territory of 6.2 square miles, or about 4,000 acres, along eight miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, including the Bay Harbor development site, which was transferred to the City from the Township of Resort in 1994 through an intergovernmental agreement. The City contains 3,206 residential, 583 commercial, 388 personal and 11 industrial classified properties with a total assessed value - that is, 50% of estimated market value - of $553,672,150, and a taxable value of $468,708,149. Approximately one-quarter of the City's territory is tax-exempt. Its population by the 2010 Federal census was 5,670, and currently there are 4,806 registered voters in the City.

City of Petoskey
101 E. Lake St
Petoskey, MI 49770

Telephone: 231-347-2500
Fax: 231-348-0350
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The City employs 71 persons full time and more than 29 persons part time within about 30 job titles. Excluding approximately 32 miles of street rights-of-way, the City owns about 1,400 acres of property, of which some 90 acres are non-parkland.

On a typical day, the City receives 24 calls for police, fire, or medical assistance, produces 1,663,000 gallons of drinking water, treats 1,287,000 gallons of wastewater, distributes 306,643 kilowatts of electricity and loans out approximately 500 library items.